Text editing in documents: move paragraphs up & down with alt+arrow

many text and code editors feature a quick way to reorder lines/paragraphs by an easy keyboard shortcut. many use alt+up/down arrow to move a paragraph one paragraph up/down accordingly.

this would add to: Rich Text: Drag to move/reorder elements
but with keyboard and not mouse.

this should work WITHOUT selecting the paragraph, but simply having the cursor somewhere in the line.

is this possible? or could that be implemented? or are there browser plugins that can mimic this? thanks!

Sorry, but if this gets implemented, I want it to be optional.

Default text behaviour on my Mac for alt+up/down is move to the next paragraph. This is generally the expected behaviour; also, how often does one need to move paragraphs up and down in text (except in lists)?

I’m happy with select, cut, paste…

keyboard shortcut customisation would also be something. :slight_smile:
i am happy with whatever other combination. cmd+shift+up/down for example

i am doing this quite often in writing because i first dump a lot of info and then rearrange.

like many other tools have these drag handles on the side of a block (notion, wordpress). rearranging blocks of text is not unusual. moving an image, list item, paragraph, …

i dont think this can be implemented right now. of course i wanna this as using in Obsidian, but it seem not prioritization atm

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