June 2020 Results


Linked Text Highlights look exactly how I imagine them. Good stuff!

App Import and Export also very desirable and inspires lots of ideas on working with clients in new and exciting ways directly on Fibery.

Introduce free read-only users

This could be interesting for publishing wiki style content to people using Fibery. Will there be options for anonymous read-only access?


This is closer to sharing information outside Fibery. We are thinking about it

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I’m waiting for this as well and it’s kind of a must-have to switch completely from Coda. There are tons of use cases for this, one examples is sharing documents/reports with clients or potential leads. If you ask them to sign up just to read a doc leaves a bad impression and not many will do it.

One of the docs I share a lot is a migration doc/wiki to either leads or existing customers. I can’t ask them to sign up to Fibery just to see the doc (you can though add a branding link on the bottom or somewhere asking people to signup optionally from the shared doc, it might contribute to lead generation a bit)… and there are many more similar examples involving short-term collaborators or partners, hiring candidates, etc…

I already see an improved editing toolbar, waiting eagerly for it :slight_smile:

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+1 on App import / export
We are using several workspaces with similar setups - this would help a lot.

+100 on sharing views with external users
Everything has been said concerning this topic :wink:

And the GIF gives inside to some kind of “type-selector”! VERY MUCH like it!

Hey @chris.burchartz, could you elaborate what you mean by this? Anything around “Type” selection is interesting!


@B_Sp - just have a look at the “highlights” gif - you can see some sort of type selector (if I’m not wrong)