Adding into Highlights when Entity mentioned in Outline in Rich Text

Hey Guys,

I would be grateful if you could clarify for me the “Bi-directional Linked Text” you’re working on here:

What I’d like to find out is can it solve this request I made earlier re: Highlights:

As I try to use highlights, I keep running into this issue: I write in bullets in my Rich Text about project plans, features, etc. But the Highlight won’t pick up the “parent” sentence above the bullets, so context is lost.

With this “Bi-Directional Linked text,” will I be able to control what part of the Highlight gets in the reference? In other words, I could simply myself “choose” the whole outline + Bullet text and solve the problem this way?

Hope that makes sense, and thanks very much for your help on this!

Here is the flow

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Michael, thanks, that looks great!

I in fact also went back and looked more closely at the latest monthly update per @chris.burchartz over in this post:

And see that you also showed this well in there.

Looking forward to this feature and the evolution of Highlights!