January 2020 Results

New month, new post about Fibery:

TLDR: Public announcements moved to February :jigsaw:. −Nikita. −VC. −Snow. −Speed :snail:. Cortisol pit. Crossing Valley of death :woman_climbing:. Optimism :tumbler_glass:! Endurance :biking_man:! #nocode #saas #startup


@mdubakov Another great update, thanks! Your guys’ transparency speaks multitudes about your commitment to Fibery and your vision. I believe more and more that the fundamental approach you’ve taken is superior to both Notion and Coda for the management of work by a team, in particular tech/software start-ups. Your deck looks great.

I look forward to your development the next few months, no matter what size team and investor or not, I am confident you guys will get a lot done! You have a great sense of the next set of needs for Fibery, and from what I can see your core team is capable of a lot!


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Wow ! Great !

Looking forward to reading some more good news from @mdubakov for february :trumpet:

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