JIRA Integration Causes Issues with Context Views

I’m working on trying to clean up the issues we synced via the JIRA integration, but am running into issues for a key feature I was looking to use, which is the context views.

Steps I Followed

  • I imported JIRA issues (selecting all supported JIRA Types to sync except Version)
  • This created a bunch of types, but the important ones I am using here are Issues, JIRA Projects, Priority, and JIRA Status
  • (Note, I renamed some of the types because I discovered the JIRA data to be kind of messy and want to kind of namespace them as JIRA types)
  • I created a smart folder for the Projects
  • Next, I created a view underneath the first project and chose that I wanted it to show up for all projects
  • I configured it so that JIRA Status is on the Columns and Priority on the Rows
  • Finally, the view looks good, so i went to check it on another project
  • However, the filtering seems to not work for any Project except the first one I set it up on
  • I thought it was because it was the first one, but I discovered the first project is a Next-Gen JIRA project


  • If you look at the screenshots, the JIRA integration created a Project relationship only for the next-gen project
  • Then, when configuring the Board to show Issues, it appears that the Context filter on the JIRA Project type is filtering not only Issues by Project, but also the JIRA Status as well. Shouldn’t this context be filtering only on Issues with this Project, instead of Issues associated with this Project and Statuses with this Project?


  • I’m not sure what to do here. There seems to be very little control over the JIRA integration.
    • For example, fibery suggests that I can delete the relationship between the Project and Status since it is causing problems, but is that going to break the syncing? Or (what i assume will happen), will future syncing re-create that relationship?
    • I tried deselecting in the JIRA configuration the Status type, then resyncing, but I assumed that would just treat it as a text field, not remove the field altogether.

Project that is Directly Associated with Status

JIRA Status Type Showing the Project Only Populated for the Next-Gen Project

(Working) View Showing Issues for Next-Gen Project

The WEB Project (Notice does have Issues, but not directly associated with Status or Types)

(Broken) View Showing No Issues for WEB Project

I was able to get this partially working by adding my own status group type, then leveraging auto-linking to the JIRA type, then I had to link the Status Group type to the JIRA Project.

This allowed me to utilize my common type in the Context View:

However, the nature of setting up the auto-linking, seems to not be supported by the Nested Context Views. This seems to highlight that the JIRA integration must be somewhat broken or making assumptions that aren’t true. I don’t think the issue is whether a project is next-gen or not, but that the relationship assumes that each of the things mapped from issue to related JIRA type are owned by a single project.


See the relationships configured here by the integration

With the integration configured this way, the last project is going to be the only project associated with the JIRA Issue Types and JIRA Status Types. This also appears to be the only type of relationship supported by the Context Views. Since I’m trying to consolidate many different Statuses and Issue Types into one consolidated, consistent set of types, then it means that all of the projects need to be associated with the common types and vice versa.

Here is where I have setup my own fibery type to map to the JIRA types:

Mapped these status groups to all projects, hoping to have them available for nested context views:

Still can’t see anything except the related JIRA types (that are broken due to the described relationship):