Is there a complete Markdown Template documentation somewhere?


The Markdown Template documentation in the Fibery API is rather bare-bones…

It has:

  1. Markdown basics (which probably would better just link to a guide like this)
  2. Shortcuts for entity fields and lists, etc. (i.e. templating)
  3. How to use JavaScript

It’s overall rather dense and because the fields supporting Markdown do not have the level of inline support like formulae, it’s a lot of trial and error.

What I would like the docs to contain as well:

  1. List of default entity fields e.g. Entity.Name, Entity.Icon
  2. How to format the fields e.g. how to print Entity.Creation Date as YYYY-MM-DD or rounding a number, etc.
  3. How to access entity field properties e.g. Entity.Status.Label or Entity.Type.Icon as emoji
  4. How to traverse relationships
  5. How to insert conditionals with or without JS e.g. if entity.field is empty…

As said, it’s possible to figure out with trial and error, but a more complete documentation (and linking to it from your Automations) would be MUCH appreciated.



It doesn’t address all your points, but the main Fibery user guide includes this page

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Thanks, @Chr1sG. Ah yeah, I remember coming past your guide page as well, which frankly didn’t help with confusion as there are two different documents and it’s unclear what is for what and how they relate (and they are not linked).

I guess the questions not answered are:
#2 How to format fields
#3 How to insert conditionals

I guess the other thing I just find very confusing is the different types of syntax used in Markdown vs. Formulae especially with entity property names: Formulae use Entity.[Split Name] while Markdown uses {{Entity.Split Name}} which just feels wrong. :grimacing:

Yeah, we can do better with our educational materials.

For #2, the user guide has a basic example of how to do formatting of dates in JS

Formatting of numbers isn’t covered, but that’s more of a JS question (of which there are potentially too many to include answers to in the user guide).
Maybe this helps?

For #3, it is again a JS issue, so you would need to use something like the following (E&OE :wink: ):

    const fibery = context.getService('fibery');
    const entityPlus = await fibery.getEntityById(Entity.Type, Entity.Id, ['Owner','Effort']);
    if (entityPlus['Owner']['Name'] == "Steve") {
Effort required by Steve: <%= entityPlus['Effort'] %>
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Thanks, @Chr1sG, but sadly it seems like JS does not work in the Slack integration, so there I can only use the basic Markdown templates and hence no formatting:

Example Setup:

Results in:

I’d love to make that all a little more legible. :wink: