[DONE]No Markdown (or HTML) available in emails generated from Button Template "Send Email" Action

It does not look like the “Send email” Button Action allows us to use markdown in the template Message field… nor does it allow us to use HTML, which just gets interpreted as literal text.

So, is there any way to generate emails with ANY sort of formatting? Or is it only plain text?

We will get to Send email action soon, so far it is experimental and text only, but we will add it into Automation Rules and add formatting as well


This is really exciting to hear. Formatting would be a huge upgrade. Using email automations within Fibery for alerts or for sending summary reports would be a huge value add to my company - and I’m assuming a lot of companies.

With formatting, adding the ability to somehow reference an image field would be huge. This would completely elevate this feature for sending summary reports (example - screenshots of vizydrop reports).


Same for our clients! :heart_eyes:

We automate the onboarding and offboarding processes in Fibery.

@mdubakov (or somebody else) is this planned for 2023?


Also interested in this - can you use Text Templates at all in the body of the message?

You can use templates, but they will render as plaintext only.

Hey @Chr1sG - any docs on these? I’ve been trying to render information from an entity but clearly not doing something right. In an issues entity I have a ‘what are the steps’ field.

Tried {{Issue.whatAreTheSteps}} but doesn’t seem to be working.

In the Send Email automation, you can use markdown to dynamically define the message body.
See here:

Just to double check, Chris you mean we can use markdown to pull entity information, but not markdown for formatting, correct? I got excited by your markdown guide comment thinking there was an update, but no formatting works. Just want to confirm in case it does work and I’m just doing something wrong




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Some updates here :slight_smile: