Is search limited in the FREE version?

Is search limited in the FREE version? I’m not getting results when I search for an item/field that is contained in a table. For example, in one case I have a table of MAC addresses, yet I can’t search for any of these as it yields no results. Any ideas?

Search works for Name and Rich Text fields only. If you have MAC address saved in some other field, it will not be found.

What a curious limitation. Is there a chance that this changes in the future?

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Note that even using the above workaround you may run into limitations of Fibery’s current Search implementation:

  • When searching for multiple words: entities will only be found if the multiple search words are specified in the same order that they occur in the target field –
  • i.e. if your target entity contains the text “first second third fourth”, Fibery Search will not find this entity when searching for “first third” – it will find it when searching for “second third”.
  • No word stemming.