Internationalization on the roadmap?

Hi Fibery,

Just started playing a little with Fibery coming over from Coda.
Fibery certainly looks very promising!
But is also has a very big USA only flavor over it?
I was wondering if amounts can be entered and shown in Euro’s with the the correct punctuation (thousands-dot, decimals-comma)?
Will dates&times follow the timezone of the user/member/guest?
Will dates be enterable as dd/mm/yyyy?
Will imported CSV amounts and dates (in European format) be recognized and transformed as correct amounts or dates?
Example: lost of time a CSV import “1.000,00” (implicetly in euros) is transformed as an amount of 1.0 or 1,0.

If this internationalization is implemented correctly (by using the Mac or Windows system settings?) I will certainly spend money and (Coda conversion) time to build my business in Fibery apps.


To be honest, we did not pay enough attention to internationalization yet. We have to prove the main idea first. In future we will definitely make it better.


Yes, it should work.

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I don’t want to hijack the thread on internationalization, but I was wondering if adding thousand separators (comma or dot) is on the near-term plan? It is really hard to enter financial information when you have to count your zeros :wink:

I also fully support having the currency supported. I am currently just using unit field for currency symbol.

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