CHANGELOG: June 24 / Group permissions (beta), Currency formatting, World app

Group permissions (beta)

Thus far you had to give users access to Fibery Apps one by one, and it was a nightmare for any serious company. Now you can create Groups and assign people to Apps via Groups. Here is a detailed guide about Group permissions.

NOTE: Access section in App setting is gone, now you should use Share button to give access to users.

Check our approach to permissions in this article.

Money/Currency formatting for Number field

Now you can format any Number field to display Money. For example, here we change an existing Number field to Money formatting.

2021-06-24 16.03.33

Money formatting works in formulas as well, so feel free to modify existing formulas formatting if they calculate money.

:earth_africa: New Template: World

We’ve created an app that contains all the countries in the world grouped by regions. It was a repetitive pattern for many customers, they had to create a countries list manually and populate it with pain. Now you can just install the World app and connect your data to Country Type.

Did you know that the countries list is dynamic? Fibery keeps it in sync with the official data automatically. Find the World app in templates and try it out:

New Template: Digital Video production

Track Video stages and grouped tasks. Write your scripts, brainstorm ideas, and add notes. Calculate budget and never miss deadlines.

Fixed bugs

  • Filter: “Comments" should not be presented in Filters in Smart Folders and hierarchical lists
  • Filter: Hidden fields from integrations are available in filters
  • Action Buttons: Assignees list doesn’t appear in case of two Assignee fields in one Action
  • Action Buttons: list for some fields does not get loaded unless user types something
  • Permissions: Editor should be able to expand Rich Text field in a full view
  • Permissions: User must see a nice error when can’t create a LookUp because of permissions
  • Permissions: Contributor and Viewer: cannot unlink a related entity from Entity View’s inner list

One thing I noticed in the guide is there are different examples with different relationships setup. If I was a new user seeing that for the first time, it would appear like I could assign a person to multiple roles, which I think is a very common expectation, but then also have a department hierarchy. However, it is not possible to have both at the moment.

You are officially “Attentive Reader of the Month” :slight_smile:
You are right: the cases in the article are from different Workspaces.

Hopefully, hierarchical lists will support many-to-many relations at some point and the cases could be combined.


:rofl: Just looking for opportunities to promote my own agenda.

It reminded me to see if we have a feature request, since that came up in CHANGELOG: February 25 / Hierarchical Lists (beta), some improvements. After some digging, I realized it is in Many-to-many relationships should be usable for levels in lists.

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In some regions, Switzerland for example, characters other than the «,» are used as 1000 separators. The correct representation of the money format would be CHF 1’000.00

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