Internal form usage doesn't set Created By

We’re using forms internally fairly extensively - they’re great for providing people with guidance on things like creating Incidents.

However, I’m surprised to see that the Created By field isn’t set, which is a bit of a pity - we would like to know who submitted the form and having to provide a separate field for that for people to fill in manually is very clunky.

I presume this is just an oversight from forms’ original purpose as a way to collect data from un-authenticated third parties? Any chance you could populate this if people are logged in? Thanks.

Are you talking about internal users filling in the form in preview mode, or people completing the form that they accessed via the shared url?

Internal users, I think. But not space editors. Will verify.

EDIT: This is probably via the public URL I guess.

As an admin I can’t even see what forms look like for non-admins. :-/

Do they get a preview button? Or just the form to use?

Is there a way to link to a form so that you can get the “Created By” populated? And given the public form is under the same site subdomain, why can’t that pick it up if you are logged in?

I’m not 100% sure of the underlying technicalities, but as far as I know it works like this:
If you are accessing a form via the shared URL (contains @public) then Fibery doesn’t know who you are, even if you are logged into Fibery in another browser window.
If you are accessing the form via the ‘preview’, then it does know who you are, and so the ‘Created By’ field will be correct.

They just see the preview version when they are navigating in the workspace.

They just get the form to use.

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