Integrations problem - Why is vizydrop being called? πŸ€”

I am creating a Fibery integration for Zoho CRM, modeled after the Notion integration example.

So far it appears to work up to the point where Fibery says it is syncing data.

But Fibery never calls my integration service /api/v1/synchronizer/data endpoint, and in Fibery tab DevTools I see many repeated errors like this:

Unfortunately, dev tool won’t help here.

I can assume that issue with [POST] /validate endpoint on connector side. Could double check that it replies in timely manner.

Also, could you please provide your Fibery workspace name for further investigation?

@Evgeni_Kisel Thank you for your attention - as I have continued to develop my app, it no longer reproduces this issue.

I’m sure it was a bug on my end, but unfortunately I do not know what caused the issue.

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