Integration App - How to create a filter with dropdown selection?

I can’t seem to find an example or documentation about it in the api docs.
I was trying to guess which field to put into filter to make it see it as list of options without much luck.

        id: "workspace_id",
        title: "Workspace",
        type: "list",
// THIS IS NOT WORKING - I also tried values, value, list as names select box just stays disabled.
        options: (await fetchWorkspaces(key)).map((x: { name: string; }) =>,
        datalist: true,

That is different api. I made clarification in the title now - I’m talking about integration api

Hi, @tpaktop

As I understood it is about source settings list. You need to implement special end-point in your connector to provide options for your data list: /api/v1/synchronizer/datalist. Information can be found here.


Oh right. I didn’t notice that at all until like 30 min ago.
Thanks, heaps!
Maybe worth to mention it somewhere nearby filter type definition as a note that filters with type: datalist will use that API for quering extra.

What also threw me off a lot was that UNTIL i selected a type that I want to use in integration there was no query to get filter and it was just disabled. I guess it’s by design, it’s just not very clear from the interface to me.