I desperately need internal anchors that would serve as cross-references in Documents

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I’m a UX researcher and I use Fibery as a research database. I intend to have there all the research data and reports. I use Documents to write reports. It would be really helpful to get internal references there, because when I include Recommendations or Next steps at the bottom of the document I’d like to place there also links to previous sections so that the audience knows where the content that I’m referring to is in the document.
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Do you mean something like bookmarks in Word where you can reference a specific doc section?

Yes, that correct, @Chr1sG.

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I think something like this will be delivered in due course, just don’t know the ETA, sorry.

Currently the Table of Contents feature request seems to sort of encompass the “anchors” (in-document anchors) request:

I do think they should work together, but I also think that anchors should work without a ToC in a given doc, so it’s appropriate that they’re a separate request.

@pattricia would you agree that a title for this topic that includes “anchors” would help clarify the intent? So me “internal hyperlinks” and “cross-references” don’t really connect with the concept as I am familiar with it. “Anchor” is a term commonly used in HTML, so it may be more familiar to me than those who are more used to e.g. a document/Word context, I’m not sure.

Yes, you’re right, @Oshyan. I’ve update the topic title.
Table of contents is one thing, but being able to reference a section in the document from any place of this document is another thing. Anchors would prevent me from repeating some content in several places and at the same time they would give the readers an easy way to jump from one section to another.

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