How to list Linked Pages and Backlinked Pages in one page field?

Linked Pages is one relationship, Backlinked pages is then automatically created by Fibery.
The result is that both fields appear in the Page entity display.
How can I simplify that by showing Linked Pages and Backlinked pages in one page field?




Use case: I have a database ‘Index’ which forms the structural framework of my spaces. It has the following relations:

Vertical Relations

  • Parent Index: Self-relation many-to-one
  • Sub Indexes: Self-relation one-to-many

Horizontal Relations

  • Linked Indexes: Self-relation Many-to-many
  • Backlinked Indexes: Self-relation Many-to-many

We don’t need the horizontal indexes to be specified whether they are outgoing or incoming, so having separate fields is confusing for users.