Combine multiple relation fields in a formula

I have a database that is connected to multiple databases using relation fields, and I’m trying to use a formula field to combine all the content of the different relation fields.
IS it possible to do it with formulas?

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Short answer: it’s not currently possible, but the request is already noted in our backlog, so we will add your vote.

Long answer: there are various workarounds that might solve the problem, depending on your specific needs

@A_Sleman How exactly are you wanting to combine the content from the different DB’s?

  • Combine fields from a single entity in each DB?
  • Or combine fields from multiple entities in each DB?

I’m trying to combine relation fields from different databases of a row in a database

so far i can only display the content of a single relation field in the multi relation formula.

Fibery does not support polymorphic relations (and there are no immediate plans to).
What is the use you have for such a combined field?

The use of what I’m trying to do is filtering only 1 field instead of having multiple fields in board view

So you want to be able to apply multiple filters? Do the current options for filtering not support what you need?

its not a matter of filtering as i can hide empty fields but i want to show all relations in one field and hide the individual relation fields because in my real database i have more than 5 relation fields that are connected to different databases, so it gets messy after a wile because not all tasks have a relation to all the different databases sometimes they have only one relation and the other fields are just empty.

On a board view (as with most views) it is possible to hide fields which are empty so that they don’t take up any space.


Or do you mean that you want to hide empty fields on entity view?

You can create a Formula field to concatenate the Names of entities from any *-to-1 relations (you might need to use javascript to do this for *-to-many “container” relations).

But this Formula will result in a Text field, not something you can click on to open the related entities; that would require an actual Relation/Lookup field, which as you noticed can only filter the entities from a single relation.

It is a fundamental (and much-lamented) limitation of Fibery that there is no concept of Type polymorphism/inheritance/hierarchy/interfaces/composition.

My bad, i meant table view not board view i mix them up all the time

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OK, that makes sense :slight_smile:

As @Matt_Blais points out, polymorphism isn’t supported (and it probably isn’t arriving any time soon) sorry.

Unfortunately a text field isn’t really what I’m looking for because you can’t interact with it

That’s alright i just wanted to know if there was a solution, I’m sure there are other more important features arriving