How to include comments in a report/table (or list) of action items?

Hi: I’m trying to add a report to the Meetings app, via the Action Item. I want to list all the comments for all action items with a particular due date. I chose a table view: I can specify the date as a filter, and I can specify the Name as the title., but I can’t figure out how (if) I can add the comments to the report. (I also tried doing this as a regular table or list, but again I can’t figure out how to surface the individual comments, only a comment count.). Is it possible to display comments in a report (ideally) or a regular view (if not)?



Hi, it is not possible to see comments in reports or build views that show comments. Can you explain the use case for this please?

Thanks: use case is: I want to to build an app in which I can create and track tasks (basic project management: I can change a task’s state, and (optionally) add multiple comments to each task), and also connect those tasks to meetings (with additional comments). And then at the end of each week I want to auto-generate a report that lists all tasks that have been touched in the last week, and for each task list all comments added during that week.

Using the existing templates for project tracking and meeting tracking (and combining project’s “task” with meeting’s “action item”) gets me most of the way, and I was able to generate the weekly report, but I can’t get the list of (0 or more) comments to display next to each task in the report.

I guess maybe I have to remove the ‘comments’ extension and create a new Comment entity of my own, 1:many with task/action item, and then figure out how to expose it for adding new comments to a task without too much friction?

Thank you for the explanation!

Comments are not first-class citizens in Fibery, unfortunately, while technically it can be done, we don’t have many cases for it and to be honest, we are going to re-work comments soon.

Your workaround will work from report perspective, but in this case, new comment addition will be not as fast, since you will have to create a new Comment entity, open it, write a description, and get back to the original entity. Also in the entity you will not see a content of ll such Comments, and this will make everything less user friendly.

Theoretically, you can do something via API, but not sure how important this case to spend few hours on programming…

@masp if you do decide that you want to go down the scripting route, drop me a line and I can give you a headstart with extracting comment info (name, date, content) using the API but to completely achieve what you want you’ll need to be comfortable in JS and probably markdown :scream_cat:

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Thanks! Depending on my available time I would like to try that: I have a minimal level of JS and MD. I’ll reach out separately. Thanks again!