How to delete a Comments field?

Hi: I’m feeling pretty dumb: I added a Comments field (called “Comments”) to my Task Database a while ago, but I’m not using it because I can’t find a way to surface it in any views; so decided to get rid of it again to save on space/performance: however I can’t find the field in my Database! I can see [Comments Count], and I could delete that, but I can’t see [Comments] itself! Would deleting [Comments Count] delete the [Comments] field itself? I’m loathe to try in case I break something!

Update: I tried adding a Comments field to a dummy Database, and it does indeed only show a [Comments Count] field in the Database editor: I deleted that field and my (dummy) Database seems ok: I guess that’s the solution, but I’m a tiny bit scared to screw up my Tasks Database (because it’s huge now and I’m relying on it), so can I confirm that this is the intended workflow? (Create [Comments] field → delete [Comments Count] field?). Thanks!

Yes, there’s no way to surface comments themselves in views, only the count.
And also yes, you’re right in that deleting the Comment Count Field/column would delete the comments from the Database. It removes it from all existing and future Entities of this Database.

There are other ways to delete it too, like opening an Entity, clicking on the ellipsis for the comment Field, then clicking Delete Field, or “Edit Fields” panel you could do the same thing.

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