How to create searchable Meeting Notes?

I have read through @Polina_Zenevich 's article on meeting notes. But there is a feature for meeting notes that is important to me, that I am unsure how to create in Fibery.

Users know how to quickly search a free-form text doc for all occurrences of a phrase, and this pattern is very powerful because the hits are always viewed in context - in the surrounding text. That is one advantage of putting all meeting notes into a single doc (which is what we do now :tired_face:).

If each meeting’s notes exist in a separate entity in Fibery, how to achieve this familiar, powerful pattern of search across many entities: always seeing the results in context, and easily jumping into the context of a result?

Not sure what the real difference between single doc and many doc if you can search in content. We are working on full text search already.

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The difference is in how the search results are presented. Can we control how much context is presented for the results?

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I can see the need/desire here, though I’m not sure the current search UI would allow for showing more context very well. That said, it’s definitely something I appreciate in other tools like Obsidian. Here’s an example from there, where you can easily and quickly show or hide context. The button to the right of that, which I didn’t click, toggles “expanded” context, which shows a longer excerpt from the result page.

In general I think Fibery will need to implement more sophisticated search, perhaps not in the current popup design, but maybe in an “Advanced” optional search UI. Look at how Discourse does this for an example (and many other tools do the same). And of course the normal, quick, popup UI can still accept advanced operators, e.g. "test" <1/25/2021 to search for results modified prior to January 25th or something. Things like filtering by criteria other than Type (e.g. by date), and sorting, will be important long-term since Fibery’s functionality and goals are to centralize and replace multiple tools, and this means more data than a typical single other tool has will eventually be in the system. Even in a given Type you may end up with 1000s of entities. We’ll need more search tools to manage all that effectively, I think.


The sucess , our experience with slack by our students is the need for search index all the words , thus more expensive too , the seach advanced only canot solve it . There is an need to bundle via tags , via search unbundle too by the combinations of tags ,one of the real problems to fibery app integrated the numer of variables too great combined de docs , thus one may get lost in complexity . our real problems are make task based reports , More app , more entity , more fields , thus the key resuls based repor get lost presently . Structured wiki docs can reduce , google doc do not have this search subtopics , lists views .Fibery need good search of the contents created , so that good reports made posible

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The tasks , notes, documents , boards all become more unbunduled , thus fibery become similar to clickup agreesive marketing to become number one android app that can kill all other in very future . more unbundled more integrated app .There is need to make possible via better task reports… similar to well formated task based reports , import notes , docs need also the search , analise via chart quantify theses notes , diocs , coments via formulaes to measure the productivity as indicatores , made poosible in reports view boards similar to task boards , report boards . As beta tester long back we tried to make request regard to report made by user as story telling with good iwhite boars , tasks , results , we are not able to make it clear our request . Now @Matt_Blais explain well the divers documents , not created , all as unbundled , in every app . Thus creater making the data become big problems to get gold out of the the many hard wpork done to make poosible the mineral of the gold via tables , biards , docs etc . The borad views of all task as reports as weel as other need html embed , otherwise remains sing chart every app is unbundled , need an other app to make user story telling task , project work as already discussed in fibery 1 with better way to easily present , unlike the ppt powerponts as much power as with html5 power embed especial insert or embed , now all moden web sites make it posible