Writing Notes in a List of Inserted References

  • My Goal: When I have meetings with my vendors. I want to click a button that creates a meeting document with an agenda listing (1) all their open tasks, (2) all their open costs, (3) etc.
    • Then I can share my screen during the meeting and type notes about each item. This would actively update my referenced entities as well as give me a clean document that I can print and send to everyone that attended the meeting.
  • My Issue: I got the below Javascript to work from the button listed in the Fibery User Guide that inserts a list of references into a rich text field, but adding any additional notes to each reference doesn’t work very well. If I click space after one of the listed references (to start writing notes), then the next reference is automatically pulled up onto the same line. Does anyone have a workaround for this so I can easily add notes to an inserted list of references? Maybe inserting it as a table with two columns instead of a list? I’m not good at Javascript, so any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

Code I used:

const fibery = context.getService('fibery');
const schema = await fibery.getSchema();
const dbID = schema['typeObjects'].filter((obj) => obj.name == 'Strategy/Book')[0]['id'];
<%= Entity.Books.map((book) => "[[#^" + dbID + "/" + book.Id + "]]").join('\n')   %>

Try inserting a space after the end of the link, i.e.:

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Thanks Matt! Works perfectly