(How) can I print/export a Feed view (to PDF)?

I’ve got a Feed view perfectly optimized for my weekly status report: but I have no way to get it to my manager: is there any way to print a Feed to PDF? Built-in browser print method (Chrome) results in an empty page (so I assume the rendering of the Feed is happening outside of the printing code path?). There’s no export option. What I would ideally like is an “export to PDF” (or export to some generic slideshow format): something that I can then email to my manager. Is there a workaround? Or am I just missing something obvious?!

When I print to PDF from Chrome (on Windows 10) I get the Feed View as shown on screen (using ‘Save as PDF’ or ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’).
Not sure how to figure out why it doesn’t work for you.

Aha! You’re right: when I print from Firefox, I get the full Feed: it spans multiple pages, and the first page is blank apart from the title. When I print in Chrome I just get the first (blank) title page and no additional pages. This is fully updated Chrome + Firefox on a Mac Mini running Monterey 12.1.

There is a problem with Firefox printout also though: when an entity spans the page break, the contents of the rich text field sometimes gets truncated at the fold (the entity name will be displayed with an empty box at the bottom of the current page, then the rich text field contents will begin mid-paragraph at the top of the next page).

Try adding some CSS:

Looks promising: where do I add the CSS? Directly into the rich text field? I don’t see an obvious way to achieve that…

You would need to use a browser plugin - here’s one that I use for this sort of thing:

If your Feed view is does not have sensitive info in it, share it with me and I can figure out what CSS you need.

Thanks! It’s fairly sensitive unfortunately: I’ll see if can knock together a dummy example.

Actually what I’d really like to do is figure out how to print from Chrome, so I don’t have to keep switching browsers!