Problems & Solutions related to Printing (PDF of panels/pages/views)

Maybe its good to collect all issues and proposed solutions around printing here?

Issue: Text color

  • When printing (using the browser: print PDF or with printer) the printed text is grey and hard to read; this would ideally be just black.

Issue: Some views don’t show any printed text, others only partly

  • I have tested with List views, and when they are long (more than two pages) the printed version just leaves out a lot at the end.
  • I tested with grid view, and nothing is printed.

Proposed solution: Print-friendly Panel Display.

  • Implementation of a feature that creates automatic ‘print-friendly versions’ of a panel and views displays. This would be the step in between, which is displayed to users if they click on ‘Print this panel’

Issue: No way to print multiple entities and their first level sub-entities (child relations)

  • On a daily basis I need to print mutliple pages as PDF to be able to copy and paste the text from there (since that can’t be done in other views easily, I tried it with feed view but copy past of all text won’t work.

Workaround: Print a Feed View as PDF, then copy the text.

  • So as a workaround, I now create Feed views that list the Description fields of the entities, thus mimicking a new single document that combined them all.

Real reason why I need the multiple pages text: for AI input

  • Using AI (chatgpt and other AI apps) to analyze and process multiple/all pages in my fibery spaces.
  • This is currently not supported natively in Fibery. And even if Fibery did support it in the future, the ability for external apps to interact with whole fibery spaces will still be needed for more experienced users.

It is planned to eventually allow AI to analyse any/all data in a workspace.

This is what the API is designed for - to allow other apps/services to query data that is in Fibery.