Hierarchy challenge

I have a question kinda the simular to this topic. But since our structure if different I can’t seem to solve the puzzle with the solution in the previous post.

I have 3 databases. Product, Task and Phase

  • Product has a many - one relation with Tasks
  • Tasks has a many - one relation with Phase

Sometimes a product has a phase with tasks
Sometimes a product has just tasks.


If possible, I would like to show in 1 grid view the products with tasks and products with phases and tasks.
And from that same view users should also be able to create new tasks (with or without phases). See image below where Tasks C actually belongs to product B.


Does your Product DB have a relation to Phase and a separate relation to Tasks?

Judging by the images, it must be linked to both

This is actually a specific example of a more general request for databases to be able to be present at multiple locations within a hierarchy.
In this instance, the need is





(i.e. Task db exists as a second level and a third level)

We have features in the backlog (for lists, smart folder and grid view) but no ETA

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Indeed, this is basicly what we want. The ability to show items from a database no matter what level they are in. Atm they are crossed out.

Untill then, is there a workaround to make it act the same? For example with formula’s (recursive??) or automations?

On top level (Product) I have a relation with both.

Unfortunately not. Until support for a db appearing in two places is added, there’s nothing that formulas/automations can help with, sorry.

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Thanks Chris. I will look for a different setup!