Grouping of Apps and Entities

Hi guys,

I have had a few situations when building out my Fibery where I wanted to see some groupings in my Apps and entities.

Here are a few examples:

I have some apps for functions across my team, like Marketing, Sales, HR, and others that represent tangible items - assets (computers, etc), Vendors, Customers. I treat these types of entities internally similarly. It would be great if I could group the apps along these lines. Otherwise I was thinking about creating a new app with just the two groups and linking, but that seems like a lot of extra structure I really shouldn’t need

Within Apps I can see this need even more. I have a few types of Vendors I distinguish - Suppliers of stuff like office supplies, phone services, etc. that are not part of my business operations, and then vendors who I work with closely for services integral to my business, like ad campaigns, licensing, etc. They are two different types of Vendors, which I have in an app called “Counterparties” which I also use for Customers. I was thinking should I create a type “Vendor,” then two sub-types “Business Driver Vendors” and “Suppliers?” That seems like overkill, and it occurs to me if I could simply group these Vendors, it would be a simpler set up. Without the extra type to distinguish the two right now, I’m not sure how else to represent these in Fibery. And I don’t want to create the extra App called simply “Vendors” with just two types, either.

Actually, sorry I’m going to edit this because as I think this through, I’m trying to figure out in fact how do you represent a hierarchy in an app? It seems it doesn’t make sense to use the concept of “levels” over 2 deep, as then you get a mid-level that is nothing more than a grouping of real types that have actual entities in them. Am I understanding this correctly? And if so, is there any suggestion on how to handle this right now?