@group commenting

I would like the ability to create groups and create comments targeting them


In nearest future we are going to implement new permission model and Groups (so far we call them Permission Groups) will be a part of this model, so you will be able to have groups for people. Group notification sounds like a good extension!

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Can I make a request for permissions/groups, when you get round to implementing:
make ‘group’ behave like a traditional type in as many ways as possible (with it’s own fields, like users) so that, for example, a specific group (e.g. “Developers”) can be used like a traditional entity: can be mentioned, linked to, used in formulas, etc.
There could be so many potential benefits, e.g. dynamic/automatic group membership using indirect rules, group histories, automation effects, e.g. when a user is assigned to a group, various side-effects are triggered.
Maybe this was always your plan, I hope so.
Please don’t just relegate groups to being a simple multi-select field within the user type :pray:


That is exactly what we are planning to do :slight_smile:

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:+1: of course, I should have guessed that your solution would be well thought through

This is great stuff! Would love to see simply group tagging in comments though, now that we have groups…it is so enticing to see part of my team is now in a group in the permissions area, but I still have to @mention 4 people with each comment in the same group when I want to notify them. Real Quality of Life item I’m hoping you guys can implement ASAP! I have spent one of my few votes supporting this!


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