Google Calendar Integration on Calendar View

When using the Google Calendar integration, I have found 2 bugs:

  1. I have added another date field called LocalDate to the integration’s “Events” table. This field contains an offset of the Date field based on the user’s timezone, which I use for reports. There is a bug that will intermittently prevent me from changing which end date field is used in the “items” dropdown. E.g. I if I select “Date Start” and I may only be able to select “LocalDate End.” No error message, it behaves as though I had misclicked.

  2. Having managed to select the correct date fields, the calendar view renders the event boxes for all events, but some are not rendering the relations (e.g. the user name or related tables). This is always an issue for recurring/repeating events, but not only these. It does render the name field as text although I don’t show that in my screenshot below:

Not an urgent issue for me, just wanted to give you the heads up. Happy to share more info if you need it.

Edit: Better description

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