Gmail integration

Hi, I’m trying Gmail integration, I find this feature disappointing…
1] Bad rendering of the message body in html. Only text messages can be displayed correctly. Rich text control is grossly inadequate.
2] In sent messages it does not synchronize the TO field, the function is therefore unusable.
3] After about the first 100 messages, it no longer synchronizes the body which is empty.

Try to fix it as soon as possible, because this functionality is essential.

Best regards
Diego Campanella

It filled the body field of all emails after more than one hour from the first synchronization.

Did the To field also sync correctly eventually?

The TO field is not present.

There’s a field named “email”, but it represents the field From, in this case. It is correct when I sync the inbox folder.

Did you choose to sync Messages and Contacts?

No I didn’t, I synced only messages. Now I try.

It works!

For displaying the body field, the best solution is to use a web browser control, which the framework you are using for development has supplied surely.

I add a big perplexity: the body field must be read-only. An editable message field does not make sense. All mail fields should be unchangeable IMO.

This is a side effect of Fibery highlight text and link it to some entity. It works only in write mode, so all rich text data we import is writable.

Example of body field in Fibery:

The correct display in Gmail: