"Sent" Email Integration

Hey there! I hope I’m missing something silly, but I’m struggling to sort out a few things with an existing Gmail integration.

My use case: I want to count up how many emails I sent to various clients each month.

So, I’ve set up an integration to my Gmail, and set it to sync only the folder “Sent Mail”. So far so good – these messages are pulling into Fibery nicely.

Now, I’d love to figure out WHO I sent each of these messages to, and act on that data via reporting, etc. However, it appears to me that, when viewing “Sent Mail”, the “To:” field isn’t an option to sync to Fibery. The UI allows us to select “Delivered to”, “reply to”, and “Email”.

“Email” is just my email address, and Delivered to is often empty, but when it’s not, it’s just my email address again. See screenshot. Same for “Reply to”.

Is there a way to suss out the “To” field of an email in the Gmail integration?


Are you syncing contacts as well as messages?

OH MY GOSH… I could’ve sworn I checked “Contacts” to sync as well, but nope. Didn’t.

Sheesh, thanks Chris, appreciate the fast response … I’ll be over here facepalming