Global Task Dashboard View, Maintain Hierarchy when Creating new Entities and several Improvements

Hi everyone,

I have collected a few useful improvements from my point of view. And sorry for packing all of the feature requests into one, we may be able to split it up later :sweat_smile:

Global Task Dashboard View

See all my relevant tasks.

As a user, I would like to have a view to see all my assigned “tickets” (types) in order to better control my work. I should also be able to see this board for other users.

At this point one should possibly introduce that types can be set to private. So, for example, that I create a task in the Software Development app and only make it visible to me. So you could also manage private tasks with fibery in one workspace.

Maybe the App “People” is a good base here.

Importance: 8/10

Maintain Hierarchy when Creating new Entities

When new entities are created, the hierarchy should be maintained.


Epic → Feature → User Story

if I navigate to the stories in a view (smart folder or smart list) and create a new story there, the story should automatically be assigned to the epic and feature.

Importance: 9/10

Duplication of Types etc.

e.g. duplicate epics etc.

The Button could be placed here:


Or in the tree view. Interestingly, you can already duplicate views but not the types.

Importance: 9/10

Enhance Document Snippets

Snippets like:

  • Table of Contents
  • Links inside the document to headings etc.

Notion or Atlassian Confluence has here some great snippets.
Maybe it would be helpful to integrate Google Workspace (like Docs, Presentations…), because sometimes we create complex documents and want to export them.

Importance: 6/10

Export Documents or Publish them

Documents should be exportable. The easiest would be a public link or export as PDF.

Importance: 7/10

Improve Github Integration

Creating Pull Request out of fibery. E.g. with an Action Button.

From a user story (type) you should be able to create a pull request directly from fibery in github. The status of the user story should then change accordingly, e.g. if the pull request is closed.

Syncing the data only every 60 minutes is not enough. Fibery should either reload the data using a webhook or the interval should be adjustable to a maximum of 5 minutes. As an example, when I push and close a pull request, I immediately need a response in fibery that the user story can either be tested or closed directly. Otherwise when I push code, I need to go to fibery and manually hit the sync button to inform my team, that something has been done.

Importance: 8/10

Improve My Apps View

It should be possible to rearrange the entities. E.g. the dependency Project → Epic → Feature → Story should be arranged one below the other for better representation


Importance: 5/10

Another useful feature would be to duplicate types.

Importance: 7/10

Templates for Types

In case of features: a template should be able to be deposited for the features. So that the most important information is automatically pre-filled when creating a new feature. This structure could e.g. be structured as follows:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • UI
  • Further Informations

I solved that problem by adding a custom action button, but I think this functionality should be easier accessible (for non coders). Maybe add this feature in the my apps view settings

Importance: 4/10

Global Activity Feed of all Changes

As a team member, I would like to see which changes have been made globally to the space. has a nice view here.

Importance: 3/10

Global Task Dashboard View, Maintain Hierarchy when Creating new Entities and several Improvements


Thank you for the feedback! Here are some comments and questions.

Maintain Hierarchy when Creating new Entities Epic → Feature → User Story

When you create a new Story, Feature should be set automatically, do you mean Epic should be set as well?

  1. Entity duplication is in progress, it will be added together with Convert action soon
  2. Document sharing is in progress, it is essentially publishing as a web page
  3. Action Buttons are also in active development now, so it will be possible to create Pull Requests in future

All other things are in backlog so far, but I’ve added your ideas into our features/ideas/insights and created several new.

By the way, this is a great example to show how we work with the feedback in Fibery, here is the gif

2021-03-17 13.59.08

Thanks for your quick reply. Awesome that you added most of the Features to the backlog already!

Yes, when I create a new Story e.g. in a list, the story should be added to the Epic as well (and in this example to Product → Product Area → Epic → Feature)

So far I have to create all relations manually (except the feature)

Do you really have to have real relation between Feature and Product Area? Maybe it is better to use Lookup Up field and just see relevant Product Area on a Feature from Epic? Lookup Field | Fibery Help Center

Welcome to the community! I share many of your feature requests, as I think do many others here. :slight_smile:

The only downside I know of with bundling feature requests into one post is that they can’t correctly be individually supported with “heart” reactions by other people here in the forums (and we’re not entirely sure how much those matter :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). If you’re fine with that, post-away! I plan to do the same myself.

That said, there are existing discussions of a fair number of these things (or related things) and I hope you’ll seek them out soon and add your (further?) thoughts there. That will help concentrate the feedback and support in one place for a given feature, and just as importantly will add your ideas to the prior discussion of things like dashboards, activity feeds, export/publish, duplicate types, etc. The search here does a fairly good job of surfacing the existing topics.

Looking forward to your further contributions!

I agree with @Oshyan that there’s lots of good ideas here.
Just wanted to say that if duplication is something you regularly need for a specific type, it might be worth creating an Action button to do it (as a temporary workaround). There is already code in the Fibery repository here.

One thing worth thinking about with duplication though is that relations of the form one-to-many or one-to-one can’t be duplicated (e.g. a Project which is parent to many Tasks, when duplicated won’t retain links to all these tasks, since they can only have one parent Project).

Of course, it would be nice if there was a native duplication option that was sophisticated enough to cope with this (and related issues) so that, for example, you could choose the option to duplicate all children when a parent is duplicated (and ideally granchchildren etc.)

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Yes please :pray:


Do you mean that a rich-text field should be automatically populated with specific headings?
Or do you mean that certain fields need to be able to have default values.

On its way :slight_smile:

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thx @mdubakov didn’t know that feature. I restructured my apps and it seems like to working well. Maybe the starter workspace templates (“product development”) should be adapted accordingly.

currently I’m using an action button for it (insert template )
This is the original template, which I insert in the new story via the action button:

Similar to the single select field, you could store a default value for a rich text field.

Requested again here:

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@mdubakov when I using lookups I can’t create entities within a smart folder