Get database id of a view in a Smart Folder


I would like to insert a reference to a View from a Smart Folder in a Rich-Text field via an OnCreate automation.
How do I get the database ID and the view’s UUID?
I’m looking for an equivalent to this for views:

const fibery = context.getService('fibery');
const schema = await fibery.getSchema();
const dbID = schema['typeObjects'].filter((obj) => == 'Space/DBname')[0]['id'];

Thanks a lot

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Hi, Julien!

Views are not stored in any database, they are a separate resource. Please take a look at Fibery API for some examples on how to work with them.

I’m not sure I understood where smartfolders fit in your case. But in order to get the views that are attached to an entity inside a smart folder (there may be many of them) try this filter for the “query-views” call:

filter: {type: "entity", typeId: dbID, id: entityID}

What will remain is to extract “fibery/id” values from the returned list.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! I’ll try that :pray: