Can't create entity in smart folder views

When I open a view in the smart folder, I can’t create new entities, when I’m using lookups.
I installed the “Product Management” of the fibery templates.
In the screenshots attached. I opened the “Feature Backlog” table view and when I’m trying to add a new feature with the little plus symbol, I get the error message:

Cannot set context product "💪 Productivity Tool" on new feature (no direct references found)

similar: Global Task Dashboard View, Maintain Hierarchy when Creating new Entities and several Improvements - #12 by Adrianjs42

In a complex example, I can see in the views of the smart folder only features, that have assigned an objective (strategy okr). Normally the features should also be displayed as soon as they are assigned to an epic

This isn’t really a bug, since a lookup is, per definition, a pointer to a field that belongs to another entity, and you can’t write to a field belonging to another entity.
In other words, lookups are read-only fields.
So if a view is filtered according to a lookup field (as is the case for your view in the smart folder) you can’t create a new entity in the filtered view, since that would imply setting the value of a read-only field.

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Another way to look at it is to ask the question: given that a feature has to belong to an epic (in order to belong to a product) if a feature is to be newly created in a table that filters for only a specific product, how can this feature be assigned to that product without choosing an epic to assign it to?
Since that question can’t be resolved without a choice from the user, Fibery prevents you from creating the feature.

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