Add a view of "Collection" entities within another entity that are not related, just for reference

Hello again!

I agree that Fibery is a much simpler tool to configure and set up than both Notion and Coda. One of the great features are the easy-to-set up relations between entities.

You guys have great views as well with your “connections” features between many-to-many relations:

I was remarking that in Notion, the best way to duplicate this view is with an embedded db. There are a lot of benefits to that view. However, those are not related entities. So I thought if you could give a user the option to add into connections here, where you select which fields to display from another Type:

but have these entities not automatically relate, you’d pick up this functionality. However, the default relation is of course very key. So you’d have a significant improved feature over Notion (and Coda which also only relate, but don’t show just a view - so opposite of Notion).

Hope that’s useful, thanks guys!