Formula to get the time a status has changed - status history

Continuing the discussion from Time in status for field, or "field modification date":

I’m not sure if this is the same need or another …

I need to track important dates on our product features, like release date.
I’m looking for a way to get the last time the status was changed to “production” in a formula.

Current workaround : automation to update a “production date” field.
Drawback : it cannot be computed afterwards for another status.

I guess the information is already stored somewhere in fibery because it is used to build CFD like reports.

Indeed there is no way to handle that except through reports and automations.
CFD uses a specific technology that tracks that, but to implement that on the formula level, we need additional development

And could you please share, how would you use this info?
Because at the moment, our historical reports may be also visualized in a Table, like here. So I wonder maybe can work as a workaround for you?

Hi, thanks for your reply. I gave a try to the table visualization in historical report but I did not manage to fit my need.

I’d like to add metrics on each task with the time spend in status, so that I can identify tasks which spent a lot of time in these statuses.

For instance, I’d like to identify which tasks spent the most time in “to review” status in the past month.

If the “modification date” and “modification valid to” were available in a formula, I would simply compute the difference and get the time spent in each status.

My current workaround is to add a field + automation for each of the status to record the date at which the status changes.

For historical reports, there are a couple of fields - Duration (Hours) and Duration (Days) - that give you the time spent between modifications.

Thanks ! That did the job :slight_smile: