Can formulas access historical data?

Reports have access to historical data… do formulas?

It would be very useful to track the change in a numerical value over a particular timescale.

Some of the cumulative flow charts I produce (historical data) show this change in numerical value on mouseover (green/red numbers with up or down arrow). Can I calculate these values and get them into a table?

I’m afraid formula fields can only access current data, sorry.
It is possible to add extra fields and define automations (triggered on a schedule or on updates) to log values just for this purpose, but this requires a bit of work I’m afraid.

Hi Chris, thanks for your response! Have you got any resources to guide me through?

Any backlog items to enable access to historical data without workarounds? If so… +1 from me please!

Happy Friday :+1:

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Consider it +1 'ed :slight_smile:

What is the specific need you have? Perhaps we can figure out something.
Do you need the most recent delta (change in a numerical value) for example?

Hi Chris,

:nerd_face: PROBLEM SOLVED

Thanks but I think I’ve worked it out. The difficult bit was recognising you have to reference [Step 1…].[Thingy] in the automation formula.

If it isn’t already, you might consider an automations use case that uses step 1 in a formula.

Other than that, my first attempt at automations was pretty straight forward :+1:

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You’ll be an automations ninja before you know it :slightly_smiling_face: