Date field with multiple dates


I have a database for tasks, and there’s a field called “task completion forecast” where the person adds a date that corresponds to when they think they can finish the task. But many times we have to update this date, and I wanted to keep a track record of all the previous dates… the date field only allows me to have one date.

Any idea?


To what use will you put the information on previous date values?
If you want to see trends, then perhaps you don’t need a field that can store multiple dates, but can make use of a report view to see how the date value has changed over time?

What Fibery feature allows reporting on how a field’s value has changed over time?

Or is that something we would need to automate?

Historical reports:


FYI, the “Current vs historical data” link in that doc is not clickable, but I found the content through Search.

A report would be nice! But could it be shown as a field inside the entities of task? That would be more organized…

Do you mean that the history of a field’s date value could be shown as another field? :thinking:

I don’t think we would ever introduce fields which merely showed the history of another field…

@Matt_Blais I’m not sure what you mean with this:

When I click on the link I embedded in my previous message, I see the two user guides side-by-side:

Which link are you referring to?

Yes! Kind of.

For example, there ir a task and the person said: “I can do it by April 1st”. Then I add on the date field of the task: April 1st.
Then, on April 1st, I contacted them and they said: “Oh, I’m delayed, let’s put a new date, April 5th”. Then I changed the date field to April 5th.
And so on (I work with volunteers, so this happens sometimes).

In order to have an idea of how many times that date has been changed, and to which values, I would like to have a field (formula, maybe) that would show the history of the dates… Does that make sense?

Unfortunately, there’s no quick and easy way to do what you’re asking for. The options are:

  • manually review the activity log (or the audit log) to see what changes have been made
  • design an automation that appends to a text field the latest value every time the date field value is changed
  • add a relation field to a new type (called log) and create a new log entry every time the date (or in fact any field) is changed

It’s working for me now :joy: of course - probably just Chrome/plugin temporary insanity.