For Tag/Label extension - hierarchy and other attributes of them

Hi again everyone,

I wanted to add into the growing selection of requests I have in here a point about the “tag” or “label” feature of Fibery that is upcoming. I think @mdubakov you’ve suggested you guys would do this via an extension. At first with Fibery I thought I’d use entities to “tag” other data around Fibery and tags wouldn’t really be necessary. But I can see the need now. Let’s say you wanted to label across Fibery all entities that are “important.” I don’t know how to do this effectively without using a simple tag for this.

I think tagging or labelling is a weak point of most of the solutions I’ve tried, you name it: Jira, ClickUp, Asana, Todoist, Clubhouse, Trello, etc. It is a one-level attribute that can get messy in a hurry. In Jira it was particularly bad because you couldn’t lock down the field to prevent others from editing, so you’d wind up with tags like “Hotfix” and “hotfix” both available, because the tags were case and character sensitive!

One thing I think could help tagging in these systems, and Fibery when you guys introduce, is hierarchy handling. I tested for a while the tool Hive, and it was the only example where I ever saw this offered, it looked like this:

I was really excited by this feature of Hive, only to find out there was no capability to sort or report on a parent level. So I had the tag “services” you can see here, sub to “Platform”. But if I tried to see all the items labeled by the parent, “Platform,” it left out the child, “Services”. So this hierarchy was essentially useless and it was very disappointing.

My hope is that tags will be something that can also be used in boards, and if you have them available context views you could even do associated "extended relations as @Shafqat_Ullah you mention here:

"Extended Relations" and usage in Board view

I also would love to be able to show some Vizi stuff by looking at my tags from a parent perspective, breaking down into the children tags.

If you guys could even do one level of hierarchy in tags I think it would be terrific. And I really think that there is no other app out there that offers hierarchy with just simple “tags.”

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