[FIXED] @mention in comments creating two notifications

Yes, we don’t enjoy this!

I think this situation may be made worse by the fact that there aren’t ways to opt-in to all notifications, for example:

Because of this, we end up using @ notifications more than we otherwise would “just in case” (so we aren’t trying to remember who will or won’t be notified).

I think in terms of on-boarding, the two big remaining pain-points are the overall complexity of Fibery (which the Fibery team is aware of and working hard on, and to be fair is also to a degree simply part of the value prop of the product), and notifications. At least these are the two I feel the most right now! Notifications, in minor contrast to the complexity, I think can be improved without sacrificing value prop. And lastly, the complexity can be learned / gotten over, unlike most notification issues.