[FIXED] Incorrect Browser Window Title due (I think) to Panels navigation

I believe the logic for figuring out which Title to use for the Browser Window/Tab is buggy. This matters because the Window Title is what shows up in the Task Bar, as well as on a Tab, and that’s fundamental to allowing you to quickly find the right window/tab. I.e. this is basic and highly important navigation stuff.

Here’s a prime example, in Microsoft Edge:

I’ve outlined in red where the issues are. You can see the Tab Title at the top does not match either of the open Panels, rather it matches the collapsed panel to the right. Ironically that is a now-completed Task which you can see in the left panel at the bottom in the Task List. Not that open/closed should make any difference to whether it’s shown as the title, of course.

This is just one example, I run into this frequently. Anyone else?

Many thanks for the detailed report :sparkling_heart:

Will be fixed with the next release :slight_smile:

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Some updates here - fixed :slight_smile:

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