Filtering a view by entity id

Is it so that having a view filtered by particular entity ids is currently not possible? I am not seeing Public Id among the available fields when creating a filter.

My aim is to have a document with embedded view displaying only particular entities. I want to use such a view instead of simply inserting the entities for the following reasons:

  • there can be many of them and the views have scrollbars
  • I would like to apply additional on-off filters occasionally
  • color-coding of entities is possible
  • I prefer the minimalistic view that I can achieve with board views

I don’t want to resort to filtering by entity names since those change. For now I created a formula mirroring the value of public id so that I can filter by it. The problem is that for some reason text fields cannot be filtered by exact match. I don’t see a way to convert text to number either.

So is Public Id missing from filter fields because meaningful matching isn’t possible anyway? Is there a clean way to have the view described above? I mean without resorting to using intermediate objects.

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Use a formula like "<" + [Public Id] + ">"
Then you can use text ‘contains’ filters to get exact matches.

i.e. contains <14> will only match a single entity