Document/Entity-Specific Embedded Views

So I have a database of Features all of which have a Description and belong to a Topic. What I want is to embed a view in the Description that shows related Features, i.e. all other Features with the same Topic.

Is there any (neat) way to do this?

Some challenges I see are:

  1. Embedded views seem to generally be the same across all places they have embedded.
  2. A View must live somewhere and I wouldn’t want to clutter my space with one-off views each filtering for a given topic. Even with the more dynamic filtering, which I’ve not seen in the wild yet, I would have to create that view somewhere out of context (because essentially it belongs inside the entity)

Any suggestions on how to solve this?

Does a Feature belong to a single Topic, or more than one?

Does it have to be embedded in the Description?
Would it be OK to have a view of related Features as a separate field?

For now they belong to one Topic, which is a single-select.

It is something I should be able to embed in the document.
Definitely, otherwise I can create it as a relationship to another database and then add the views below. :slightly_smiling_face:

So I think this is mainly a feature request for a custom filters per embed, but obviously there’s a number of additional extensions that would be cool: page-based (rather than space-based) databases (allowing page editors to create databases), which then also enables my wish for personal databases. :slightly_smiling_face:

So you can use a formula to get the related Features, but it would show up as a new field, not within the Description.
Topic.Entities.Filter([Public Id] != [This Feature].[Public Id])

If you want to create a view which is embedded in the Description, then you can just type << and then provide a name for the view, choose the view type and create a new embedded view:

And provided you have created the formula field as shown above, this will be one of the context filter options:
(depending on your schema, it may be the only context filter available)

You can now hide the formula field if you no longer feel it’s useful.

It’s a bit long-winded, but I guess it does what you need?

Note however, at the moment, any such view embedded in a rich text field cannot be set to be reproduced in the Description field of all the other entities of the same type (so it doesn’t behave like a view in a smart folder).

Part of the reason for this is that the contents of a rich text field are usually expected to vary from entity to entity, so it’s not easy to determine/manage how a context-filtered embedded view could be reproduced/anchored in all other entities’ rich text fields, whilst simultaneously allowing all the rich text fields to have varying content :thinking:

Views embedded in Rich Texts do not (yet?) support general filtering based on any field value of the “current entity”. There is some “automatic filtering” that can be applied.

Vote here :stuck_out_tongue:In embedded Views, allow Filtering on Relation fields for "Is this entity"

Thanks a lot, @Chr1sG, your post addresses generally, what I’m trying to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

I love that the list is embedded in the entity, now I’d only need to make it possible to add the same into all the peers, even if not automatically.
Yes, that feels like an additional config needed wit ha database, such as Related Views that one should be able to configure.

On a different note, I noticed is that the auto-context filtering only works with relations and not with single-selects and other fields. But that I can deal with. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again.

Thanks, @Matt_Blais, yes, I’ve been wanting a “this entity” filter a number of this but I thought that → X was supposed to do that, though I’ve never encountered it.

Anyway, no votes left, so I added a comment vote. :smile_cat:

Referring to ‘this’ entity is available in formulas, and in relation filters, but not yet in all places (as you’re discovering)

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