In embedded Views, allow Filtering on Relation fields for "Is this entity"

Example: In the entity view for my Client DB, in the RTF Description field, I want to embed a Table View of Tasks that are linked to this Client entity via a particular Relation field.

I can use the Table View’s row filter to accomplish this, but I have to manually explicitly select the specific entity (i.e. this Client entity).

If I subsequently duplicate this entity, this filter will no longer be correct, as it will still point to the original entity.

I’d like to see options in the embedded View Row Filters when filtering on a Relation to this entity’s DB that would allow me to specify “is this entity” or “is not this entity”.

Yes!!! :raised_hands:

Self-referencing filters. I was just about to post this exact request.

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Is this not achievable with (and in fact the intention of) the existing relation views (or will be when table view is an option)?

This request is specifically about the new RTF embedded Views - I think in an entity’s relation views they can only show related entities (i.e. they are automatically filtered by “related to this entity”), but in the embedded views it appears there is no equivalent, simple, “portable” way to specify the same constraint.

Not quite correct. Each relation view defaults to showing related items (i.e. context filtered) but this context filter can be turned off.

And in fact, each relation view can be configured to show entities of other databases as well, or even instead!


So just checking - when Table view becomes available as one of the relation view types, is there any reason why you would need/want to have context filters for the embedded views in rich text fields?

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I envision making “dashboard like” entity Descriptions, that include various Views of the entity’s collections. This is where I imagine it will be very useful to be able to copy one of these Dashboard’s RTF content (with embedded views) and paste it into a different entity’s RTF, and have those embedded views “automatically adjust” to reference the new entity.

But this is still all speculative :sunglasses:

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If I’m not mistaken, you’ll be able to embed existing Table (and other) Views into Rich Text. I wonder if this would include individual Entity “Context Views”. Sure hope so! If so that should solve this, no?

In other words if you wanted to, say, embed all the context views for a given Entity into its Rich Text so for example you did not have to keep picking them from a dropdown, then you could do this if you are able to embed any Entity’s Context Views in a Rich Text. Here’s hoping. (although a native feature to “pin” multiple context views open would solve this better)