Filter Nested Structure

I’ve been trying to find a way to make the nested data relations work the way I intend, but have run into a roadblock, that someone may have come across a solution for!

Scenario: I am making data maps to track addressing and variable requirements for multiple controls projects - and each project can contain multiple devices, with it’s on data map requirements.

I have built a smart folder structure that highlights how I want to be able to view the data ( by project or device scope )

The problem I have is that I cannot scope the nested device table to only include the parent project, as it only accepts a static filter. Is there another way to structure my data and/or views that I may have missed? I would prefer to not need to manually create a specific table for each project :slight_smile:

Smart Folder

How are your databases related?

Address has one project - project has many addresses
Address has one device - device has many addresses

Project has many devices - device has many projects

So you have
Project → Address ← Device
Project <-> Device

What is the thinking behind linking Devices to Projects in two ways?

It seems to me that a smart folder would be perfect for representing Project → Address → Device but not so much for the other relations.

What is your definition of ‘parent project’?

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Hi Chris -

The initial idea was to structure the data relations to allow me to view the project and device scopes within a single project without having to create new scoped views for each project - but unfortunately, it didn’t make a difference in the hierarchy view, as I cannot filter the smart folder view context further than the parent.

What I’m trying to achieve:
view of all addresses associated with a project
view of all addresses associated with a device within a project ( it currently pulls in addresses from all projects )

a very similar use case would be project → task → sub tasks
But to be able to view all sub tasks from both the project level, and specific task level. This is a limitation I have already run into on Fibery - as I have many of my relations set up with multiple scopes, and “variable” hierarchy ( ie. many paths to navigate to the same data - I was first able to achieve this type of setup on Wrike using their somewhat unique folder structure )

By parent project, I am just referring to the hierarchies of (project → device → address) and (project → address ) - where both of these scenarios are referencing the same (parent) project.

If it helps, I could walk you through my layout and requirements

Appreciate the feedback and the help

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