Filter away my own mentions in the Inbox

I think work on the Inbox has finished a while ago, and I think overall it is great! There is a small refinement I would like:

Whenever I mention myself in a text, I would prefer not to be notified in my Inbox. Often enough I will link notes to who said what, who owns an area or “whom to reach out to” in an instructional text.

Generally, when mentioning myself anywhere, I do not want to be notified. No matter if this is a rich text or a comment.

And yes, I’m an Inbox Zero friend on Fibery. And this just creates redundant notifications to click away for me.


Funnily enough, we have had other users telling us that they specifically use @self mentions to create reminders for themself(!)

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Indeed some people requested it, but from feedback volume it seems majority do not like this self notifications… Settings here will be overload, so I think we will just remove this notification again

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For us all the ‘assigned by Fibery’ notifications are a real pain in the ass.
Since we auto create and assign tasks automatically and there is no way to turn those notifications off currently.

The only option is to filter out all assigned notifications but then I miss the important ones from the team.


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This is automation rule I believe?

BTW, we already removed self-mention notification, will be included into the next release


We have an automation that assigns the task/entity to a user. That causes the notification.

(so it’s not that an automation to send a notification to a user)

These are my settings

Although A notification is sent via any automation rule is turned off, I still get them.

Hehe, I’m not surprised. :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to have a filter in the Inbox to automatically ignore them all. :slightly_smiling_face:

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As said, it could just be part of the Inbox filters. :slightly_smiling_face: