Fields on Collections: Order, Optional Headers, Active Fields

Hi! So, when I choose to display some fields on the collection items (say, tasks collection for a user) they look a bit messy, like so:

First obvious reason here: I can’t see the field name/header, which would tell me what I’m looking at, but preferably per-field. For the unique fields (like “Status”) I don’t usually need a header, but if I have several numerical/date fields – those I would very much like to name.

Second: I’d like to be able to reorder them so that they don’t appear in alphabetical order in case I’ve got a better idea (on the screen I’d group everything regarding time and would move the status to the right). So, having a dotted “handle” near each field on the “Fields” pop-up – just like we have them when we choose the fields for a table view – would be appreciated.

The third is a bit more complicated, I reckon, and more debatable: some of the fields just beg to be “active” a.k.a. changeable from this view, not having to open the entity window. These are especially status and dates fields because they are always edited via a pop-up, so I often naturally expect it to be available to call from here.

Let me know if you’d like to discuss this more. Would love it if you would consider these. :slight_smile:


Second all this. I have noticed that this is one of the few “configure” dialogues in Fibery that doesn’t have the sortable order of Fields (the one below is from configuring a board) “six-dot” control:

and in the other such instances you can sort that way, very useful!

Would also like to see a bunch more usefulness in Collections, one of the most useful features in Fibery. I think many of these are discussed already in the Community - in fact, it could probably be a whole “Product Area” of Fibery, because there are requests to filter that list, or show a subtable there, one of my biggest needs, where you could see Rich Text Fields:


Yep, collection handling in Fibery is already better than most other systems (e.g. Notion) IMO, but could be even better. Obviously Fibery team would want to avoid making it overly complicated and cluttering up Entity views, so it will take some good design decisions. But it is definitely possible and worth working toward.