Custom item UI based on field value

Hey guys,

First of all, happy new year to everyone, wish you all the best for 2023.
We do have a question/suggestion with regards to items UI (e.g. the look & feel when viewing an item) and we would like to know if it may be possible to add a feature in order to select the fields that are being displayed on the UI based on the value of a field.
To date, we can select the field to be displayed, but it does impact everyone and it is static, our usage may require to make this filter dynamic.
The use case is the following one: we are mutualizing most of the items (for instance, Tasks, Internal Goals, Meetings notes, …) in order to ease our day-to-day activities (internal follow-up/links/maintenance/avoid duplicated item for admin purpose/…), but the trade-off is that we are dealing with “polluted” UI as we have to keep everyones fields visible (which makes it harder to navigate/find the information at the end).
Our suggestion is be to allow a dynamic selection of the displayed fields (e.g. relations, lookups, writable fields, formulas, …) depending on the value of a reference field (most likely a dropdown menu to limit options).

Is such a feature compatible with your architecture, and if so, is it something that could be implemented?

We are thinking about some potential workarounds (such as having generic items and automations towards specific ones displaying relevant fields only), but IMHO, they looks like a useless heavy mechanisms that is also leading to loosing some part of Fibery’s magic (and will cost us lot of time to implement/evolve/maintain).
Of course, if you have some other ideas, we will be happy to get them and check if it can suit our needs.


I think what you are asking for is very similar to this feature request thread, if so please vote and add your comment there showing interest in getting the feature implemented: