Fibery strategy of product development through feedback and feature requests of users

This Fibery forum is built on Discourse, a very popoular and useful open source tool for crowdsourcing user input and discussions.

However, I’m interested to learn more about how the Fibery product and feature development and its roadmap is decided. I understand that the Fibery product designers take into account the main vision and purpose of the product, receive inspiration to that from the users, and decide how the bigger themes are designed and implemented.

Although Fibery is not an open source project, I’m still interested to know the processes that the Fibery team uses to make decisions about big and small features.

Also, I like to know if Fibery is planning may want to use its own platform Fibery to more efficiently process user input in a more collaborative way. I have worked with Discourse for many years, and it has it limitations with regard to more efficiently collaborating.