Feature: URL Redirect automation rule

There are too many time that I needed this feature, so now posting as feature request.
See some examples of my needs/use cases below

As a sidenote: There is a growing trend in guided user experiences as a cure for overwhelm of options. Since expecially Fibery is already overwhelming for new users losing context, expecially more guidance in workflows would be very helpful.

You might want to clarify this FR if you think other community members will want to vote for it


Most of the following needs I already had, if not I expect them to have:

  1. Workflow Approvals:
  • Once a document or item is approved, redirect the approver to the next item in the queue that requires approval.
  • If rejected, redirect to a feedback form or a page where comments can be added.
  1. Onboarding Processes:
  • As new employees/team members complete each step of the onboarding process, they can be redirected to the next step or module, ensuring a smooth flow.
  1. Data Entry & Validation:
  • If data entered does not meet certain criteria (e.g., invalid email format), redirect the user to a help page or tutorial on correct data entry.
  1. Customer Support:
  • After logging a support ticket, redirect the user to a page with FAQs or troubleshooting tips related to their issue.
  • If a support ticket is escalated, redirect the support agent to a higher-level support dashboard.
  1. Sales & CRM:
  • Once a lead is converted to a customer, redirect the salesperson to a “New Customer Onboarding” page.
  • If a deal is lost, redirect to a feedback form to capture reasons for the lost opportunity.
  1. Learning & Training Modules:
  • After completing a training module, redirect the user to a quiz or assessment page.
  • If a user fails a test, redirect them to review materials or resources.
  1. Project Management:
  • When a project phase is completed, redirect the team to the next phase’s planning page.
  • If a project is put on hold, redirect to a page where reasons and rescheduling options can be provided.
  1. Feedback & Surveys:
  • After submitting feedback or completing a survey, redirect participants to a “Thank You” page or offer them a reward/coupon page.
  1. Volunteer Management:
  • After a volunteer signs up for a specific event or task, redirect them to a training or orientation page.
  • If a volunteer indicates they have a particular skill (e.g., graphic design), redirect them to a project or task that requires that skill.
  1. Donation & Fundraising:
  • Once a donation is made, redirect the donor to a “Thank You” page with details on how their contribution will be used.
  • If a member starts a fundraising campaign, redirect them to a toolkit or resources page to help them promote their campaign.
  1. Event Registration:
  • After registering for an event or workshop, redirect participants to a page with event details, materials, and schedules.
  • If an event is canceled or rescheduled, redirect registered participants to an update or alternative events page.
  1. Resource Sharing:
  • When a member uploads a new resource or document, redirect them to a page where they can add tags, descriptions, or share it with specific groups.
  • If a resource is flagged as outdated or incorrect, redirect the uploader to a feedback or correction page.
  1. Collaborative Projects:
  • Once a project reaches a milestone, redirect team members to a celebration or feedback page.
  • If a project requires additional resources or expertise, redirect members to a recruitment or call-to-action page.
  • If a member joins a specific interest group, redirect them to that group’s main page or forum.
  1. Discussion Forums & Feedback:
  • After posting in a discussion forum, redirect the member to related discussions or resources.
  • If a member provides feedback on a program or initiative, redirect them to similar initiatives they might be interested in.
  1. Training & Capacity Building:
  • After completing an online training module, redirect participants to a feedback or certification page.
  • If a member expresses interest in a specific training topic, redirect them to upcoming sessions or resources on that topic.

These are just a few examples, and the possibilities (and needs) are vast. The key is to identify repetitive or logical sequences in workflows and use the redirection feature to streamline the user experience and improve efficiency.

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Automation actions execute on the backend. They can be used to create/modify data in Fibery, but they cannot do anything on the GUI.
I do not foresee this changing in the short- or medium-term, so it is very unlikely that this functionality can be supported any time soon.

Could this be solved with an automation action that triggers a browser redirect via JavaScript using location.href?

No, I don’t think so.
Given that automations rules can run even when no-one is logged in and browsing the workspace, it is meaningless to ‘redirect the browser’ since there might be no browser!
Automations are server-side only.