Extension/Plugin Ecosystem

Hope the Fibery team has recovered from what seems to have been a busy January.

Disclaimer: this idea/thought is a bit out there!

I was wondering if third-party extensions or plugins were ever a consideration. I know this is very tricky since this means running someone else’s code on your platform and machines, but I am wondering if anyone is thinking of how to make it work in this kind of an environment. I have been suggesting ideas from the sidelines, but I know many are these are not the development team’s priorities (and rightly so). An extension ecosystem might allow some outside programmers to fill in the gaps that the core product doesn’t currently address.

My thought was an extension library/store that is vetted by Fibery that could be installed as needed by users. It would be great if it wasn’t monetized since I think that complicates things and I hope that having an amazing platform would be incentive enough for most contributors.

Apologies for the crazy idea, but I thought I should ask anyway.

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@anayericov We have Apps Store in plans, but this demands good traction to implement. I’d say it is a goal for the next 2-3 years.

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@mdubakov do you mean an app store for applications/templates like the one that is currently curated by Fibery staff (i.e. CRM, GIST Planning, etc.)?

What I was thinking of was a library of plugins/extensions that add new field types, views, etc. to the platform. Will that be a possibility at some point?

@anayericov You can think of jira plugins, something like that.

@mdubakov thanks for that extra insight. I would only ask that you guys take special care around the quality of this stuff. One of the reasons I am here with Fibery is most of the apps in the Atlassian Marketplace I tried were low quality - full of bugs, poor documentation, had bad UI and UX when using within Jira. I could never get much extra out of them to customize my Jira Instance, and ultimately that led me to leave Jira.

Thanks again!