Export to Excel in Report

Right now it’s possible to export to CSV only. It takes additional time to import files. It would be great to use excel exported file directly from Fibery.

Do you mean that you want to export from Fibery in order to open directly in Excel?
If so, why don’t you set Excel as the default program for opening .csv files?

Sometimes Excel doesn’t open CSV files correctly. You need to open Excel, click import csv file, select default separator and then import. Let me know if I’m doing things in a wrong way :slight_smile:

Maybe there should be an option for the user to choose separator when exporting to CSV.
Probably easier than exporting to .xls format.

You can try to export csv file and then open in Excel. Does Excel format it correctly? Maybe my settings in Excel is not correct for the csv.

Well, when i open in Excel, CSV files look fine as long as Excel is set to use comma as separator. I believe that this is a setting that can either be inherited from windows regional settings, or manually defined.

I know Excel can sometimes mess up the data types (like if it thinks it should be a date, when it’s a number, or when it strips leading zeroes from phone numbers) but I think that’s a more general issue with Excel that dates back years.

Just to add, as it happens, I’ve started using a dedicated csv file editor instead of Excel for just these reasons :man_shrugging:

Ha, I know your pain :slight_smile: The reason of this idea is because we’ve started using reports more and more. By default, JIRA has XLS and it saves us a few minutes. Not critical, but nice to have.