Row number in report column is treated as text

I’m trying to use an external CSV as input to a table view report.

I want to sort by [Row Number] which is indicated as a Number field. This is generated by Fibery I guess because the information is not in the CSV file.

But using the field Row Number in a column in the table view, it is treated as text and thus the order is not correct.

I also tried looking for a function to convert text to number but only find the other way around.

Can anyone else confirm this as a bug?

Or know of a possible workaround?

It would seem that identifying the Fibery generated “# Row Number” as a number instead of text would solve the problem.

Have you chosen a sort order for the column?

Yes, but sorting Text gives 1, 10, 11, 12…2, 20, 21 etc.

I’ve set the order to Ascending

Here’s a simple space to recreate the problem.

I hope the report view is shared as well.

If not, here’s the CSV link used (from Google Sheets).

Then I use # Row Number in the first column and sort by ascending order.

So the row number functions a bit like the public if in a normal database: it is a number stored as a string.
If you want to sort as a number, I suggest the following (it assumes you have less than 1000 rows, but you can scale if you have more):


That works as a workaround, thanks!